I am honored to have been in law enforcement for almost 40 years. I found a calling to the vocation when I was a young man and have pursued it since.

My time in law enforcement has taken me all over northern California and has allowed me to work with some prestigious programs. The knowledge that I have gained from working with the FBI and others has been crucial for the success of the Solano Sheriff’s Office.

I am grateful to have had the chance come to Solano in 1984 under then Sheriff, Al Cardoza. I looked up to the example Al Cardoza set and his legacy continued to be preserved in every Sheriff who held the office after his tenure. Gary Stanton, being one of them. Gary was a mentor to me, and I looked up to the example he set and how he acted in his role as Sheriff. It has been an honor to follow such great leaders that have come before me.

I am proud of the work I have been able to accomplish, but the job is not done. I want to finish the complex mission, which I have set into motion over the last 5 years. Doing so, will keep Solano County on the right track. I took over the post in 2012 and since then, have been able to make serious reforms and improvements: for example, we have expanded the jail from having a capacity of 1,000 inmates to over 1,400 inmates. This expansion allows me to keep those who deserve to be in jail, behind bars and those who want to find a better future, an outlet to reform — creating the opportunity for vocational training from county facilities. This type of progress means that people get a second chance and can gain valuable skills and lessons along the way.

I hope you will join me in my fight to keep Solano County safe for generations to come. I want to provide the best that we can offer. Through hard work, dedication and persistence, we can find commonsense solutions that benefit the entire county.


Tom Ferrara


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